Hello Ghost

Hello Internet!

This is my new Ghost blog. I’m going to try writing about things that are cool and tough problems I’ve been working on… that I can talk about. I’m lucky to work on bleeding edge technologies that are often built on top of some amazing intellectual property but I’ll try to talk about as many of the tools we use and things we learn as I can.

One convenient tool is httpstat.us, it’s useful for troubleshooting webserver fun and testing error handling with SPA’s.

I’ve also started listening to some old episodes of Toolsday and would recommend giving it a listen. It’s very entertaining, the two co-hosts are a good balance of backgrounds and the episodes are nice and short.

This is a blog that uses Ghost, so far I’m happy with it. Also, it uses Unsplash where some very generous photographers let people use their phenomenal work for free.

Chip Wasson
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I enjoy working with new technologies, find new applications of current technologies, and archiving digital things.